About Rape Crisis Midwest

The Centre was founded in 1980 as Limerick Rape Crisis Centre. It was started by a group of women and men who were concerned about the lack of services for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Since then, we have worked to provide comprehensive information, professional support and a quality counselling service for survivors of sexual abuse and violence throughout the Midwest region.

Our vision is of a society where the rights of all adults and children to live a life free from all forms of sexual violence is upheld. We aim to raise awareness, not only for the support of victims, but for sexual consent and the prevention of abuse and violence. Rape Crisis Midwest is committed to providing equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion. 

The legend of the Phoenix speaks of its ability to heal itself if injured during its lifetime. Our logo of the Phoenix Rising symbolises our belief that people can and do heal from the trauma of sexual violence.