Rape Crisis Helpline now available in Ukrainian!

May 10th, 2022
Specialist help and support on sexual violence now translated into Ukrainian language

WWW.RAPECRISISHELP.IE – Specialist Support Services on Rape and Sexual Violence

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted on us all – it has far reaching global impact and the consequences will no doubt be felt for generations. There are daily reports of attacks, deaths and violence. Many are homeless, many have fled.  

Such conflict and war create situations where people are particularly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation including sexual violence. There has been a huge outpouring of support from the Irish people and our government and we have welcomed many Ukrainians to our country in recent weeks. 

We would like to inform our supporters that the national website  www.rapecrisishelp.ie is now available in 10 different languages, including Ukrainian

Rape Crisis Help provides information about the professional support and the choices available to survivors of sexual violence. 

It is such an achievement to be able to provide for those who need support without the concern of a language barrier. Survivors and those who know survivors can be fully understood, listened to, and helped.


Verena Tarpey

Rape Crisis Midwest 


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