Rape Crisis Midwest Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027

June 09th, 2022
Rape Crisis Midwest launch new Strategy and Action Plan for 2022-2027.

Rape Crisis Midwest are proud to announce that they have now published their new ‘Strategy and Action Plan’ for 2022 to 2027. The structuring of this new plan first started in 2019, and it was viewed very optimistically, as the country was well into recovery mode of the recession that had plagued from the decade beforehand. The groundwork of this was met with the strong waves of Covid 19 that hit in early 2020. It was a new fear and posed many challenges but the importance of abiding by survivors meant that there was no option but to refashion to keep up with what was needed from the staff and volunteers at the Midwest Rape Crisis Centre.

Through the choppy and unfortunate circumstances, it is easy to see how it also worked out as an opportune moment to reflect on how activity in the centre had been undertaken and to appraise the orchestration of how the centre was moving forward and how to do it in good order and by rights.

It is evident that in this new generation there is only one way to go and that is online, this new plan brings forward a ‘Digital Transformation’ and it oversees the expansion of the service onto online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter and even Zoom. This new step will allow for better and easier access to information availing, fundraising and to captivate the attention of the wider community.

Rape Crisis Midwest aims it’s work towards the protection of any individual from the cast of sexual violence and abuse. It does this by supporting survivors through counselling that is free, non-judgemental and confidential. The Midwest Rape Crisis Centre aims to improve and uphold this in the new strategy, particularly with 5 new steps.

  1. Anchor Sustainable Operations for Rape Crisis Midwest.
  2. Expand Sexual Violence counselling and Counsellor Training.
  3. Revitalise Sexual Violence Training and Development.
  4. Enhance Community Engagement, Education and Awareness
  5. Promote Local Community Policy and Advocacy.

The strategic plan was brought into play with consultation of therapists, relevant practitioners, service users and the local stakeholders that allow for these services and relevant supports to be made available.

This mission aimed to be achieved by the multiple informants that were involved in the processes by identifying modernised needs, sifting through the potential strategies and identifying the main concerns of the service. These discussions were held in face to face meetings, and also thanks to Covid 19, through clicking onto Zoom links. One of the most important methods of how the new strategic plan was put together was by carrying out an online survey that was aimed at clients, care providers etc. It was completely confidential and the results of this said survey allowed for a primary source of what was needed from those the Centre works to support.

Overall the new strategic plan for 2022 – 2027 aims to assemble a training and establish an education unit within the centre, to expand on its counselling services ( long-term, and towards minority groups e.g. males, LGBTQ+ and marginalised ethnic groups.), set a calibre for awareness surrounding sexual violence and how to work on its prevention, particularly in the workplace, to engage more with the community on how to enhance the educational programmes that are made available to increase knowledge and awareness and to standardise a culture of compassion and consideration towards victims and their immediate support networks.

Rape Crisis Midwest would like to thank all those who made this report possible by giving their efforts and time to something they recognized as worthwhile. We would invite all to visit our website rapecrisis.ie which has now been uploaded in the Ukrainian language for those who wish to access any further information.

Sinead Ramsbottom

Rape Crisis Midwest

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