If you have been sexually assaulted you may want or need to get yourself examined for a sexually transmitted infection.

HSE public STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) screening services are almost exclusively based in hospitals and special community clinic settings around Ireland.  STI screening is free of charge and confidential at any of the following locations:

General Hospital, Ennis, Co. Clare, c/o 061 482 382

University Hospital Limerick, Limerick City, 061 482 382

General Hospital, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, c/o 061 482382


To learn more about the entire STI screening process including:

  • How To Book an STI Screen
  • Preparation
  • Arriving
  • Pre-test Consultation
  • Screening Stage 1
  • Screening Stage 2
  • Screening Stage 3
  • Post-test Consultation
  • Results
  • Follow Up

please go to GOSHH.ie, here, where you will find a comprehensive guide to the entire process.