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RCNI at Oireachtas Justice Committee- State’s Justice Response to Sexual Violence Crime Can Serve Victims Better (February 2014)

The Older Child and Sexual Violence: Questions and Challenges for a National Response (RCNI Policy Document, January 2014)

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Brochures and Useful Documents​​​​​​

RCNI Briefing note on key aspects of forthcoming Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill

Governance Resource Pack 2013

Recent Rape and Sexual Assault National Guidelines 3rd Edition

Legal Information Pack for Practitioners Advising Survivors of Sexual Violence 

Guiding Principles for Public Awareness Raising Relating to Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 

Victim Impact Statement: A Booklet for Victims of Crime 

Victim Impact Statements: A Guide for Victim Supporters 

RCNI Policy Document: Older Child and Sexual Violence: Questions and Challenges for a National Response ( January 2014)

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A Study of the Association between Domestic Violence and Indirect Trauma from the perspective of Social Care Refuge Workers in Ireland

Attribution of blame and responsibility in rape: An analysis of participant and victim gender, belief in a just world and sexual attitudes.

Clients’ Experience of Counselling in a Rape Crisis Centre

RCNI – Asylum Seekers and Refugees Surviving on Hold

Finding a Safe Place: LGBT Survivors of Sexual Violence and Disclosure in Rape Crisis Centres

Older Women and Sexual violence: Recognising and Supporting Survivors

Young People, Alcohol and Sex: What’s Consent Got To Do With It? (Summary of research findings and recommendations)