Are you considering reporting or making a statement to the Gardai?

Are you attending court as a victim of a sexual crime?

If so, we can help

Garda Accompaniment

Are you considering reporting or making a statement to the Garda of a rape, sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse? If so, we can offer practical information and support through the process. Supports can include

  1. Guidance on what to expect when reporting, arranging/accompanying you 
  2. Arranging/accompanying you to a preliminary meeting with Garda where you can ask questions and explore concerns
  3. Arranging/accompanying you to a formal statement taking – interviews can take place in the Garda Station, Rape Crisis Centre or an interview suite

Our trained volunteers will offer emotional support throughout the process.

Court Accompaniment

Our centre provides support to victims attending Court in relation to crimes of sexual violence, whether this is a recent rape/assault or historical abuse. The justice system can be an extremely overwhelming experience and we are here to help.

 We have experienced and trained volunteers and our services include

  1. Information and support on what to expect as a witness
  2. Accompany you to the court hearing and provide practical support and information throughout the trial as well as advice on sentencing, victim impact statements and what to expect after a court case.

If you need either of these services, then please contact us – you can ring our centre on 1800 311 511 and ask for Miriam Duffy, you can email Miriam on [email protected] or send us a DM

Download a brochure explaining more about these Garda and Court Accompaniment services - click here 

Download a Guide to the Legal Process for survivors - click here