For all media enquiries or radio/newspaper interviews , please contact Miriam Duffy or Verena Tarpey: 
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Recent Newspaper/media interviews
  1. 15th May - Verena Tarpey - Rape Crisis Help website now available in Ukrainian language - read here
  2. 12th May - Michelle Walsh cited in article "Sex Education must address Toxic Masculinity of boys - read here
  3. 3rd March - The O'Connor brothers take on gruelling challenge for Rape Crisis Midwest - read here 
  1. 18th November - Verena Tarpey talks about how the pandemic has triggered past instances of rape and sexual abuse - read here
  2. 18th September - Miriam discusses the report from the Joint Policing Commission - read here
  3. 21st July - Michelle Walsh , Irish Examiner " Sexual Violence begins much earlier than adulthood" - read more
  4. 29th July - RCNI - Launch of Michelle Walsh's Storm and Stress - read more
  5. 29th June  - Verena Tarpey discusses how a lack of knowledge can make it more difficult for someone to report a rape or sexual assault - read here
  6. April 17th, Miriam Duffy talk to Joe Nash about a recent College harassment survey - Live 95 FM College Harassment Survey April 18th 2021
  7. April 17th, Article in Clare Champion on LGBTQ survey in conjunction with Rape Crisis Midwest -  read here

  8. March 15th Verena Tarpey  “Education needed to suppress the threat of violence against women” – read here



  1. November 23rd 2020 " The issue of rape and sexual abuse is no longer someone else's problem, Verena talks to Gavin Grace on Clare FM  - read here 

  2. 14th December 2020, "Letting a light shine for fellow survivors" Martin Vernon talks about his experience of rape - read here

  3. The Clare Champion Martin's Story Dec 14th 2020

  4. August 9th - Verena - 'Increase in calls to the centre, not surprising" - read here


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