Corporate Support

We are privileged to work with so many wonderful companies and businesses in the Midwest who share our passion and commitment in supporting those affected by sexual violence.  Corporate support can range from contributing to once-off events, volunteer days, sponsorship to taking on roles such as board member or volunteer within the organisation. Our many charity partners and supporters contribute to our work in a variety of ways. We view our relationship with our charity partners and supporters as a two-way process which is mutually beneficial. 

Corporate Supporters benefit through positive promotional exposure, increased employee satisfaction and enhanced community relationships. In return, we are able to raise the profile of our centre, building greater awareness and support within the community. Furthermore, we are able to avail of fundraising opportunities to ensure the ongoing functioning of the centre itself, as well as fund specific projects, small or big, which is all carried out here in the Midwest area.

We always look to support the corporates who support us. Check out the links to our highlights on some of the companies and supporters who have given so much to our charity over the years:


Why Work with Us?

Would your company or business like to work with us to prevent sexual violence?

Sexual violence continues to grow and dominate the headlines in our media; indicated by recent viral social media movements such as Times Up, and #MeToo. This, in turn, has led to an increase in demand for our services, also indicating that our work in preventing sexual violence is needed now more than ever.

Your staff could benefit from becoming involved in volunteering opportunities, campaigns and promotions, as well as from the training and education we are in a position to offer. Volunteering opportunities for companies and individuals are varied and range in size and form – there really is something for everyone

We invite you to please contact Verena ([email protected]) if you're interested and wish to know more information.